I wish I had the right words to describe my crazy wonderful life. I will try. 

I am Julie. I giggle constantly. I love cameras, I love photography and I love the moments of calm that I feel when I shoot. 

I met my husband, James, unexpectedly. I fell head over heels. He is beyond incredible. 

He follows me to weddings. He shoots, he assists, he helps with daily business. 

I became a photographer as my life evolved and became more blessed with meaning and being. When our first little love was born, I grabbed my Father’s old Minolta and headed to the beach. I had never seen such beautiful images like the ones of my newborn in my husbands arms. 

Over the next couple of years, two more little angels blessed us. I found my passion in film photography and creating timeless, meaningful images.

I strive to approach my work in a fine art style. Natural, beautiful and authentic. I adore traveling and adventuring to new locations to shoot. 

Can’t wait to meet you. 

                                                                                        Jose Villa

                                                                                        Jose Villa