Barbara & Rob // North Georgia Engagement


In November, I drove north to Atlanta. I met up with the darling Barbara and her fiancé Rob. I met Barbara at the  CAMP workshops in Serenbe, Georgia.  The weather was in the 40's all week, and then for one lovely day the sun came out and temps warmed enough for a beautiful flowy dress. These two are perfect. The sun trickled around them as they laughed and hugged. I cannot wait for future warm weather and their wedding.

The morning of


I love the idea of having quiet peaceful time before your wedding. Gathering flowers for a bouquet and having a cup of tea while you enjoy a calm before the celebration. What a nice time to think about your journey and the future. 

Model: Brittany Lee Hellmeister // Hair + Makeup: Raney O'Keefe // Location: The Goat Farm - Amy Osaba/Ginny Branch Studio


The joy of getting to meet people that you admire from afar always jumpstarts my heart. I love being around like minds, passionate about dabbling in any kind of artistic creativity we can get our hands on. CAMP was only a single day, but it was inspiring. The scenery alone was enough to keep me daydreaming.

Ali and Ginny are lovely ladies that have nothing but open hearts and minds to share their skills and experiences. And push their students to try new things.

Such a fun trip. A little montage:





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Fuji 400H// The Find Lab// Hair: Kym Cross Hair+Makeup

There are days when we are at our absolute lowest. Days when we can't find a pretty side to anything. Then we are held in love, and everything just melts away.